Following her previous series Diaspora Vapor 1, which explores ideas of settlement and movement through landscape, Diaspora Vapor 2 explores higher saturation of colour during the intense summer months in Cambridge after moving home from the Welsh coast.

Using pencil, pen, ink and paint Molly aims to create a space the viewer can follow and travel through.
Over the winter, she found a way to translate her abstract style into digital artwork. These digital manipulations are the second stage of my process towards completing my first ever installation.

The digital works are based on physical 59 x 59 cm works from the half-finished physical artworks on paper in which she continues to explore her relationship and knowledge of blue and green whilst considering distance and the place of the viewer.

In her search to include mixed media, Molly has furthered her process in Adobe Fresco, glass and collage to continue to create “vaporscapes” made up of a variety of materials and mediums, furthering the layering process. The next stages for this series is to complete an installation one can physically travel through.

Diaspora Vapor 2 (2021-22) WIP

Digital reworking of mixed media on paper 59 x 59 cm (2022) and printed on giclee paper 17 x 17 cm (2022)
Mixed media pieces 59 x 59 cm still in progress.