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​​Molly is a mixed media landscape specialising in acrylic, ink and charcoal.  Mollly's recognised abstract style began with her series, "Diaspora Vapor". This collection of works aims to further the research, experiments, and ideas initially explored in a previous series “Dyfed Forests" which she produced for her first MA graduate show.

By working in monochrome, Molly assess and manipulates mixed media to create an image that is concerned with the concept of space and distance, balanced by paths within macro-micro compositions inspired by the landscape.

By utilizing tone in a minimalist colour palette she create shapes reminiscent of mountains, trees, and waterfalls: all of which are primary motifs of Chinese and Japanese images of nature. ​​The concept of diaspora has appeared frequently in her research and recently became more apparent during her move to Cambridge from Wales. The sensation of feeling "mixed" by experiencing a change in landscape or settlement has affected artists for generations. For example, the movements within the Asuka and Nara periods in Japan to late 20th century China - the innate and somewhat “caveman” instinct to long for one’s homeland resonates with Molly.

When she moved from Wales – a landscape surrounded by mountains and sea – to Cambridge in South England, the contrast in landscape was glaring. Cambridgeshire flat for miles, it is encompassed by fens and rivers and breaks records for high temperatures in the UK, penetrating the shade from abundant forests.

​During this resettlement process, Molly has attempted to capture the nature of diaspora and the feelings it inspires and causes: negative and positive. She considers connotations and how they balance within a composition in an abstract space containing remnants of the Welsh landscape prints, Chinese calligraphy, the Japanese's sense of distance, and the metropolitan atmosphere of Cambridge and its forests. By capturing the essence of a memory, the choices we make, and the paths we choose, literally and figuratively, Molly hopes to inspire viewers to enter into the landscapes she has created and feel like they are following or beginning a journey themselves. In her most recent work "Diaspora Vapor" and "Anglia Vapor" (2022) she continues to explore her relationship and knowledge of colour whilst considering distance and the place of the viewer.

In her search to include mixed media, Molly has furthered her process in Adobe Fresco, glass and collage to continue to create “vaporscapes” made up of a variety of materials and mediums, furthering the layering process. The next stages for this series is to complete an installation one can physically travel through.